My Birthday Wishlist

Someone’s turning 23 by the grace of God on the 4th of June! *shimshamshimmies*

And I just wanted to make a post about my birthday wish-list, for those of you that love me ;;) and have no idea what to get me (why do we know each other again?).

I usually don’t do this for my birthday, but I just thought if you read this blog and are thinking about a way to make me feel special about my day, it would be nice to list things I currently love. Continue reading


One of my recent favorite past times is just walking through department stores and taking a whiff of perfume scents. I just think its interesting comparing notes on different perfumes. It can ease decision making when getting a gift for a loved one or for myself. I like to keep my options open.

Let me know if there’s any on (& not on) the list that you would definitely recommend. Continue reading

Anti: Pt II

In other news, Rihanna and I are soul-mates. Jk. I was just seeking a way to explain how I literally feel about her. If you know me, you know I’m in love with SHE. So it was very expected of me to scrape my bank accounts (and shoe box account too) to purchase a ticket for the Anti World tour. This was a difficult decision for me. It was either Continue reading