It is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can tell by the number of exclamation marks that I am so excited about Rihanna’s newest project. Even though “we” don’t know the release date yet, Rihanna recently unveiled her album cover art.


Dope, in my opinion, is the closest word I can use to describe it. Literally saw it and was in LOVE love with it (unlike how I felt when she released the album cover for Unapologetic…which I think was not befitting of the work on that album tuh *side eye*). The cover of LOUD was on the top of the list for covers, but THIS, my brotha, this tops it.

I love the fact that it is simple, but it has this feel to it (at a loss for words, excuse me). The color theme, the braille writing, the fact that it is still a photo of Rihanna herself just gives me so much LIFE. Thank you Roy Nachum. Thank you.

The album title “ANTi” though, still has me in a ‘ehn’ kind of way. But I am more than hopeful that this album will be sick af, because if she took a lot of time into the project to even give us (the Navy) this beautiful piece, ANTi has got to be FLAWESOME.

Rihanna’s forthcoming album cover

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