It’s the day after Thanksgiving (my first in the US of A) and I’m still pigging out on the left overs!

Goodness, that was a LOT of food.

It was great having people over at Aunty B’s house, talk, dance and get my butt beat at SCRABBLE (which I have not done in years). It was Fun.

But after all the craziness and clean up, I settled down in bed and just thought about all that I’m grateful to God for this year.

I did a lot of traveling and so did my loved ones, and in Nigeria that is something to be thankful for, especially with the situation involving all the forms of transportation.

I also got redeployed to Lagos to complete my NYSC, and got to experience that Lagos hustle as an adult for six months. Thankful for the ones I met, and stopped meeting. Lol.

I also feel that I have grown more and become more aware of things. More appreciative and understanding of a lot of situations that are happening in this world. Even though I miss days of being a child and having NO care in the world, I have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what I want in life. Self discovery is a great thing.

Thankful for the opportunity to continue my education at the University of Illinois, which is one of the many things I’m not taking for granted. I’m in LOVE with you Chicago!!

I’m thankful for my parents, who from the beginning of my memories have been there to support me; even when I was into art and they bought me art supplies, which I still have intact&not fully used till this day or when I felt like I just wanted to bake and supported me by getting me the equipment, allowing me express myself in ways I could and not limit myself. Theirs is a gift that I’ll never take for granted. Not so many parents feel they are under obligation to take care of their kids. Thankful for my siblings, Ife and Femi! Love them to death. Thankful that Ife gets to be in his final year of school and Femi is still learning the ropes in her field. They are bright and awesome siblings that have a lot of great things ahead of them. Can totally see us famzing each other a lot in the future. (if I used that word right). Thankful for the lives of relatives, far near and wide. Thankful for all kinds of friends, the LOYAL ones/day 1 nggs (who understand me more than I understand myself sometimes), the totally fun to hang out with, the inconsiderate ones, the wise ones that I learnt from too, the stepping stone friends too (career friends).

Thankful for the basic necessities that we all take for granted: Food, Water, Shelter & good Health!!


(Now learning French again with the Duolingo app on my phone)


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