Breakfast @ Sophia’s

Breakfast @ Sophia’s


So Aunty B took me to this really cool breakfast place a couple of weeks after I got to Illinois. (I’ve had this post in the drafts for a while and been really procrastinating publishing)

Anyhoo, it’s called Sophia’s House of Pancakes Restaurant, in Tinley Park, IL. They have other outlets at Orland Park, Bolingbrook IL and Highland IN.

Sophia’s House of Pancakes, Tinley Park, IL


And you would be wondering why a grown woman would be blogging about simple pancakes. I haven’t been to many pancake houses in my life but I will tell you the pancakes here are flawesome. And their omelettes…HUGE…talking about five eggs per serving. Yuup. I’ve only tried the seafood omelette, which wasn’t so bad. I’m a french toast type of person, so naturally they blew me when I tried theirs. It could have been the type of flour used in the pancakes, or some other secret ingredient, cos these pancakes were fluffy af. And I could just go on eating them if I didn’t have to worry about moving up 2 dress sizes.

There were other things I did like about this place: It felt more like a family type of pancake house, like my Mom or Dad made them specially for me, made with lots of soul and love. We did go back a couple of times after, and even though it was packed on a Sunday: the food still tasted as good as it did on a weekday! Who doesn’t love consistency with good things?  The fact that it’s not a huge franchise spread across the country could also have contributed to this feat. The customer service here was good too. 5 *****


Showing off the scarf given to me by one of my BFFs, for my 22nd birthday.
A meal shared.

So if you are in any of those neighbourhoods and trying to find a simple breakfast place, Sophia’s might just be great.

Comments from anyone that has tried it or been to awesome breakfast places in the Chicago area are welcome.

And also in Lagos or Abuja.


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