Anti: Pt II

Anti: Pt II

In other news, Rihanna and I are soul-mates. Jk. I was just seeking a way to explain how I literally feel about her. If you know me, you know I’m in love with SHE. So it was very expected of me to scrape my bank accounts (and shoe box account too) to purchase a ticket for the Anti World tour. This was a difficult decision for me. It was either weeks of no luxury or months of regretting not getting the ticket.

I picked the former. Duh

Even though I shall be braving the show alone in Chicago, I’m reallllyyy excited about it. It would be my first major concert in America…no wait…first major concert ever!* Thank you Rih for being my first. No regrets here.

And since I shall be going on the 15th of April by the grace of God, I’ve decided to listen to (for the 1565843827665th time) & talk about her most recent album, ANTi, that I had been waiting forever to lay ears on.

The album release/leak was a funny one. Curse and bless you Tidal. I was at school when I got hit with great news that “Work” had been released, bumped to it ALL DAY ALL DAY. Thennnn I got home late at night and got a notification from Tidal about new music. I swear I didn’t know what to feel. I had been waiting forever for this album and it was here and I felt it was already too soon. Ungrateful Nhevi. Thennnn I proceeded to open it and guess who was the first featured artist? SZA!!! I was spazzing in my head. I think SZA is a dope artist, but people were kinda sleeping on her & I was excited that my fave liked a fave enough to collaborate. And I would say SZA owned that track. It’s different from Rih’s usually pop music. You smart Rob. I appreciate you.

Then I proceeded to look for more featured artists and it was just SZA and Drake. Hmmm. Interesting. Cos there was a lot of tea (none from the Queen) about certain people being or making songs for her. Well the smaller the better.

The thing about ANTi is if you’re a loyal Navy, you may love it or not on the first listen but you’d definitely give it another listen. If you’re not so much of a Navy/stan, you’d probably be disappointed about the lack of pop/very upbeat “BBHMM” kinda music on this album, and want to discard it. But believe me when I say be patient, it will grow on you, I promise.

There’s this quality in the music that wasn’t exactly there in her previous albums. Something that makes it sound rich, as I said to Jomi. (an attempt to recruit). It also sounds like she achieved what she wanted with this album. Longevity. “Fuck radio hits” She has paid her dues and it is only right that she doesn’t care anymore about what sounds best on radio. I think it worked even though it was tres risky tbh. But life itself is a risk. Finis.

Let me know if you listened to it yet and how you feel about it. And any comments on her tour too.

+ My ANTi faves include:


Kiss It Better

Needed Me

Yeah, I Said It

Same Ol’ Mistakes


Love on the brain


Goodnight Gotham

Sex with me

Basically all the songs on the album minus Woo. Initially, I wasn’t feeling Woo and Desperado but I guess the latter grew on me. But Woo, I always skip it, it just feels off from the body of art she created.

*Keri Hilson’s concert in Abuja’13 technically is my first foreign artist concert but the crowd wasn’t as major as Rihanna’s.


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