The godfather

The godfather


This is probably not the most flattering picture I have of me and my mentor Prof Adewoye aka The godfather. Everyone was tired, but it was a good day, my graduation day when he took the time to come support and celebrate his omo isiro. 11 months before he passed away. It still feels weird saying it almost a year later.  It’s his birthday today and all I have are fond memories of him since I was a child. Holidays in Akure with the family, him stopping by at Ife on his road trips in the South west, just passing by to eat some akara that my Mom would make at ours. Or the stories from his very exciting days as a young lad or Uncle Blakky and Roppy’s gists from school or the big bear hugs he used to give while hailing me “Yesidos” or the picture he told us he had of Temola and I that was to be used at our weddings (I guess I’ll never know what was in that picture)

I’m glad he was a part of my life.

Appreciate those we love around us and let them know, while they are still here. No matter how busy life may seem, they are only a text or phone call away. Live in the moment.

Rest in peace Olusegun Adewoye.


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