My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

Someone’s turning 23 by the grace of God on the 4th of June! *shimshamshimmies*

And I just wanted to make a post about my birthday wish-list, for those of you that love me ;;) and have no idea what to get me (why do we know each other again?).

I usually don’t do this for my birthday, but I just thought if you read this blog and are thinking about a way to make me feel special about my day, it would be nice to list things I currently love.

Perfume: I recently did a post on those I’m loving atm!

Polaroid Camera

Trip to six flags!

MDMFlow’s “Ninety-Four

Unlimited supply of Starbucks coffee/Chocolatttee

Buy me a plot of land and I know its REAL!…Now I’m reaching

I was going to add Cheesecake factory giftcard BUT I realized I can’t start my 23rd year by being irresponsible and buying cheesecake that would be detrimental to my older self(I know there are other things at the Cheesecake facotry but Cake is all I would buy if I were allowed to)

And birthday gifts don’t have to be of monetary value. Doing a random act of kindness on my behalf ūüėÄ would be awesome too.

Stumbled on this site  The Bday Project  and I thought I could steal some of her ideas

She’s American, and so some things didn’t apply to where I was raised, so I mixed it up.


23 Random acts of Kindness For Yeside’s 23rd Birthday

1.  Help load grocery bags into cars for shoppers.

2.  Hand out cold water (esp if its under the Lagos heat) to that person trying to clean you wiper. Trust me it can be very annoying but when you think about how they are out there in the heat just to hold body, your 50/100 Naira or cold drink would make sense

3. Buy a homeless person breakfast/lunch/dinner (a really filling one)

4.¬† Feed a parking meter/pay for someone’s parking ticket

5. ¬†Pay for someone’s car at the tollgate (even if it’s one of those crazy bus drivers struggling with you)

6. ¬†Handle the groceries for the person behind you (if you’re on the express line but if you are a bigs gehl or boy and can handle 10+ items, go ahead and do it for me)

7. Buy that security/olode some Mr Biggs today. Or correct Amala and ewedu. (I’m hungryyy)

8. Buy that LASTMA/Road safety worker that works during the day a reaalllly chilled drink. Directing traffic (esp Lagos traffic) na real ise

9. Read to a child.

10. Buy cold drinks for a labourer(s) (and if you’re feeling generous pay for their meal at the nearest joint)

11.  Donate those clothes that have been sitting for a while to an orphanage/mental illness home/IDP Camp. You could throw toiletries in there too.

12. Buy someone ice-cream (askirim like I would say) I WOULD appreciate that!

13. Tip that¬†waiter/waitress. Yes they’re not entitled to it (maybe not on this side of the world) but some of these people don’t really get paid. Compliment them too

14.  Bring in you neighbor’s garbage can/take out their trash.

15. Organize lunch for that teacher you appreciate.

16.  Place happy notes in car doors in parking lot wishing people a good day full of God’s blessings.

17.  Hold the door for someone.

18. Pay for someone’s transport¬†fare

19. Deliver balloons/get well cards to hospital patients. You could also take art supplies to the family waiting room on the labor & delivery floor of the hospital for new big brothers and sisters to be.

20.  Hand out water bottles to very appreciative nurses. Thank them too.


21. ¬†Put gas in someone’s car (yes even with the fuel crisis going on in the world, put¬†a little light in someone’s life) if you can.

22. Buy someone in need a phone/call card

23. As the season of Ramadan is coming up, treat a muslim person to some fresh fruit for iftar.


Most of all, appreciate your loved ones. Give them a big hug or kiss and do something really nice for them. For me.





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