uncompleted stories on my samsung (II)

uncompleted stories on my samsung (II)

Tossing and turning (cliché I know) Mel tried her best to close her mind from everything and yearned to feel/experience numbness. (can you feel numbness?) God I have to change these sheets. She got up, paced around the room, looked out the windows,  it was almost daybreak/daylight, even though she didn’t realise it. Kuvuki land was all she could reflect on. It had given her sleepless nights but she would never admit it.

Gosh, you’ve got some serious eye baggage there M. Why haven’t you been getting enough sleep? I’m fine Lauren.  I just need to get new bedding. My pillows are so uncomfortable and with the noise from the neighbours upstairs I mean. Yeah I get you, they just have to rub it in that some of us are not getting enough/some Lauren said, rolling her eyes, with her delicate, effeminate hands on her spoon with cereal slowly dripping from it. So I have eye bags and you don’t have an appetite. Spill. Smirked Mel. Am I that obvious? Ugh. Of course you are, the normal Laurie would have been by the sink in 30 seconds max. Har har Lauren laughed sarcastically and thought if she should tell her best friend of 10 years the news. Would she be happy for her? Was she even happy for herself? Anyway it can wait. My boss has been laying people off of work, and I’m just really worried, she lied. (09/Dec/2015)


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