Breakfast @ Baker’s Square

Breakfast @ Baker’s Square

Twas a sunny Sunday, a week before Mother’s day, and we decided to get breakfast somewhere in the neighbourhood. Two options: Denny’s or Ihop.

I wish someone came from the future and told us which would have been perfect. Or we could have just figured that ourselves when we arrived at Ihop and there was a long ass queue.

Still we refused to go to Denny’s and ended up at Baker’s Square because it was much “closer” (even though Denny’s was right across the street).

We are in charge of our destinies! Watchu talmbout?

What I knew so far about Baker’s square was that their pies were spectabulous. My Aunty served their pumpkin, apple & cheesecake pies at her thanksgiving party in 2015, and they were delish.


I wish that was all we knew about Baker’s square.

But here we were, eager to try something new. Breakfast for that matter. I mean life should be filled with these kinds of risks!

Luckily I was in the mood for crepes, and not my usual faves: waffles & french toast. Good thing. Waitress attended to us and was really nice (couldn’t stop staring at her uneven foundation shade that was peeking from her neck) and attentive. I asked for an omelette, orange-filled crepes, sausage patties and hash browns.

Spent the short time interval perusing through their desert menu (yum). I gained like 10 pounds by  just looking at those delicious cakes and pie slices.

Then I saw the waitress coming our wayy with our trayy *drum roll* and boy my eyes lit up! Not for too long. I know its great to get exactly what you asked for (side eye Nigerian  fast food restaurants), but not when it looks exactly the same size as what was printed on the menu!

My order of Hash browns, crepes with orange-syrup thingy and sausage patty

“Why are these people being stingy with their eggs and flour bikonu?” I thought. Which was probably the same thought running through my Aunty’s mind cuh she was staring at her plate for a bit like “This had got to be good”.

She quickly ordered more sausage links on the side because the sausages were so tiny.

The thing is, o dabi pe Sophia’s yen ti bamije ’cause what we were given was probably the usual portion size at regular restaurants, but as Ms Sophia is oh so generous with her portions, she gave these guys a bad name. (I don’t know why I’m referring to the restaurant as a she)

But I decided to put portioning aside and dive into my food. I probably would have broken a bone if I was literally diving into it. My crepes smelt good, with the zesty orange slices and topping, but it was as tough as rubber pomo bruh. Mo fi energy ge kini yen mehn. Apparently, I guess this is how they dealt with every other thing on their breakfast menu. I had the same thoughts for the dry omelette, the sprinkled shredded cheese on it did make up for it somehow. Or not. Not trying it again so someone would have to let me know eventually. The sausages and hash browns were what I could totally recommend from the meal I had. They were well done and tasty!

All I can say is Sophia’s may have set my taste buds and stomach to a certain standard. Portion and taste wise. I would say service wise, its about the same, nice waiters/waitresses, though Sophia’s seemed like evryone was really working together to make things run real smoothly. I may sound like a longer throat only looking for places that give portions reserved for a group of 4 to 1 person! But I don’t curr. I want to be able to get food for my buck and still be able to get take out boxes! Shikena

Who knows I may have been bias with this review because Sophia’s was my first pancake house ever. Maybe not. Baker’s square makes spectabulous pies.



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