uncompleted stories on my Samsung

uncompleted stories on my Samsung

And I try, I swear I try, even though I promised Momma I would not swear anymore. You may not believe me cos I also promised her I would not touch the green/smoke pot anymore and stop seeing the boy next door who just moved in… bad news she said. But where were we? Oh yea, I try every single minute to forget the events of 17 April 1998. I’m quite good with numbers and dates, not real life dates but like calendar dates if you catch my drift *forcing a smile* The emotions of that all so blue day still re enact and feel so real anytime I remember. There was the rush of adrenaline and a little bit of nervousness as Thatcher (Mr BadNews) held my hands and took me through the hallway of his parents NY flat. We had been sitting outside on the balcony, I was supposed to be at school, he was supposed to have shown up for an audition that day



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