When all we do is sit and watch…

When all we do is sit and watch…


For a minute, it may seem so sweet.

Sweet and fair life.

Things may not be as bad as it usually is.

We get comfortable.

And then we’re shaken,

life unpredictable.



In these past few months, I’ve Read more

Me nuh care

Me nuh care

Do you ever feel some type of way, when someone/thing that you care about and feel has the potential to be dope, but people don’t see it?

That’s me thinking about Nigeria. In more recent times.

And people just don’t care about her.

She’s just there alone in a crowded world.

Waiting. And waiting. For her glow up.

I mean her people don’t care, Read more

New Energy

New Energy

Recently, I’ve been enjoying designing and also looking at pictures of people with good fashion sense. Great and beautiful hair, clothes, shoes and rings!!!etc
:O I’m falling in ♥ with fashion!!! Looking forward to owning a fashion brand(is that the word?) God please don’t let me lose focus. X

*It’s Ceeday*