Sometime in March, I decided to take an online course on Solar systems and astronomy on Edx. I chose that subject because:

  1. I was fascinated by the study of celestial bodies in primary school
  2. I wanted to learn something outside of my scope. Learning never ends.

The class has honestly been insightful, especially for someone without any background in astronomy. While taking the class, it helps to have some basic knowledge of physics, so one does not get lost on certain laws that govern the solar system. Also it gives more info on the history of solar astronomy in a fun way. Tools were provided for us to do our own personal observations of the night sky.

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Me nuh care

Me nuh care

Do you ever feel some type of way, when someone/thing that you care about and feel has the potential to be dope, but people don’t see it?

That’s me thinking about Nigeria. In more recent times.

And people just don’t care about her.

She’s just there alone in a crowded world.

Waiting. And waiting. For her glow up.

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Something to share

Something to share

So there was this Nigerian youtube channel I was recently introduced to called “Your View”. It’s similar to “The View and The Talk” but instead it’s all about Nigerians addressing issues that we all have faced and are facing currently in Nigeria (and can relate to). It felt enlightening watching it, seeing people’s perspectives on things that affect me and I believe every Nigerian should learn from.

I subsequently would be sharing videos on topics that I enjoy watching.

Safety on YourView TVC

Breakfast @ Sophia’s

Breakfast @ Sophia’s


So Aunty B took me to this really cool breakfast place a couple of weeks after I got to Illinois. (I’ve had this post in the drafts for a while and been really procrastinating publishing)

Anyhoo, it’s called Sophia’s House of Pancakes Restaurant, in Tinley Park, IL. They have other outlets at Orland Park, Bolingbrook IL and Highland IN.

Sophia’s House of Pancakes, Tinley Park, IL


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